About Us

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest level of excellence and are dedicated to providing each client with the most thorough grooming experience possible. We achieve this by applying our knowledge, skill, precision and artistry to each challenge our day presents. We are professionals, our award winning salon...Read More

Do I Need an Appointment?

Yes, appointments keep our days realistic. If everyone came in without one, we would not be able to service everyone equally. Same day service is sometimes available but please do not count on it. For optimum service, please plan 7 to 10 working days in advance..Read More

How long does it take?

Some pets take longer then others. Most groomings take approximately 3 to 4 hours. That may seem like a long time, but if you take the time it takes you to shower, shave, do your make up, dry and style your hair etc, and add it up over a month, were pretty quick. Four to six weeks of grooming in approximately 4 hours...Read More